Thursday, November 12, 2009


Please disregard the mess around my goats in this picture... yes I said my goats!!

These are two of my new family members, both ladies, that we brought home last night. They are currently living in my dog pen, since my dog splits her time between our house and a neighbors, and never, I repeat, NEVER, goes into her pen. We have a LOT of woods around us, and we thought these little ladies would enjoy themselves munching away at all of underbrush stuff, so since their owner needed to get rid of them, we decided they would be good additions to our family! :) And since Hurricane Ida decided to hit this week, we are totally unprepared to provide shelter for these beautiful girls. However, we do have a porch/balcony thing on the side of our house that I'm seriously thinking would make a lovely shelter for my new friends.

Now we have to figure out how to get the male and another female to our house today. In the super strong wind. And the nasty rain. Did I mention the wind? Well it's so bad it needs mentioning again. If I can get them here today, I will post more pics.

Oh- and I haven't given up on my 52 weeks participation. I just have to get a friend to post pics from the Women of Faith conference so I can steal it to post on here. Hopefully by the end of the day...

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  1. Oh my kids would so LOVE them a goat or two. How fun for your family!

    I will check back in when you get your 52 Week post up.


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