Friday, October 23, 2009


So I have a little bit of a headache today, more than my usual "normal" all the time headache that comes with plates, screws, scars and tumors. I dont usually have a lot of extra headaches, just when my sinuses are yucky and stuff. But I do believe this one is different. Miss Priss headbutted me the other day (in playing, totally an accident), and I heard a crack. I kind of just made a mental note, instead of freaking out and calling the doctor, since I cant stand going to the doctor anyway. Yesterday I noticed that I had a new dent in my head, about two inches into my hairline above my left eye, and my face had some of the typical "brain stuff" swelling. Then when I washed my hair in the shower last night, there was a place behind my left ear that caused a dull ache all over my head when I touched it.

All that to say this, pray for me please :) I dont think there is anything major going on, it could just be that Im dehydrated (sometimes if Im not drinking enough water I get extra dents in places). Pray that I will have wisdom enough to know when its time to give in and call my neurosurgeon. I just dread the thought of another surgery... I so appreciate it!!!

** Anybody know how to make my computer stop pulling up a "quick find" menu at the bottom of my mozilla browser every time I type an apostrophe or slash? Thats why all my contractions are incorrect....

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