Friday, October 30, 2009

Five Question Friday

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Better late than never, but I wanted to do a 5QF today, so I just got home and here we go...

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Five Question Friday, 10/30:

1. What were you doing the last time you really had a good laugh?

Let's see, okay, today we were at lunch with my brother Wesley at Chili's in Winston Salem. I was talking away with Miss Priss sitting beside me, and all of a sudden I saw my brother and Lady M looking at Miss Priss with big eyes, about to burst out laughing. So I turn my head, to find that Miss Priss is making the silliest face, one I've NEVER seen in her repertoire so far, and I couldn't help guffawing. Too bad I didn't have my trusty camera with me.

2. Who was your first CELEBRITY crush?

Kirk Cameron- Growing Pains. I used to go to bed every night and pray that God will let me marry him when I got big.

3. What is one talent that you wish you had?

Hmmm... I guess I would like to actually be able to play the guitar, I can't really do much at all. I know about 8 chords, but I can't transition between them without at least one full minute of searching for the right finger positioning.

4. How often do you and your spouse go out w/o the kids? Is it frequent enough?

It's NOT frequent enough. My husband, dear though he may be, is quite the workaholic and we don't get nearly enough time together, much less kid free. We have been alone and out of the house probably 4 times this year. And that included going to pick up mattresses for the girls, not exactly a date.

5. What colour(s) is your bedroom?

White. The furniture is like cherry colored wood. The bedding is weird colors, reds, purples, and sort of a goldeny yellow. At least I think it is. It's such a mess I don't know what color anything is right now.

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  1. Kirk Cameron here too!

    BTW, we've been out exactly once alone and that was in February!

  2. I'm so totally with you on Kirk Cameron. I was so in love with him!! :)


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