Friday, October 2, 2009


That's what I would call today, maybe the whole week.

This morning, I slept late because the girls slept late :). It was wonderful. Lady M begged for pancakes for breakfast. So I started my pot of coffee, then got the batter mixed together. I walked away from the kitchen for a few minutes. I came back to check on the heat of the skillet and my coffee, only to find that I didn't put the coffee pot back in it's place. My counter top was COVERED in coffee, under the toaster and coffee maker, behind the coffee maker, ALL around my sink. Good start to the morning.

I started the pancakes, and threw a towel on the counter after moving EVERYTHING to soak up the coffee. The first two pancakes seemed okay, except I was a little heavy handed on the oil in the skillet, so they looked more like fried bread than pancakes. I poured in the batter for the next set of cakes, and moved back to the coffee mess. After going through four dishtowels and tons of paper towels, I got the mess under control. Checked the pancakes, a little darker than perfect, but still edible. I flipped them over.

When I placed the pot back where it belonged, there was still enough coffee stuck in the filter basket to run into the pot. "Great," I thought, "maybe I'll get some caffeine after all."  When I poured a cup, there were so many grounds in the coffee, I got a great idea. "I'll just pour it into another cup through a filter." I know!! I am that dumb. Of course,it was a basket filter, which doesn't fit in or over a standard coffee cup. All of the coffee poured in and through the filter and right back onto the counter. Mess #2.

Went back to the pancakes. BURNT. But you knew that already I'm sure. So I'm scraping the skillet, and debating whether to finish cooking the rest of the batter. My mom called about that time, and I told her everything that was going on. She laughed and said it must be almost that time of month. I reminded her that I'm always this klutzy and it's nothing to do with hormones.

While on the phone, I decided to try again with the filter and the coffee. Don't ask me why. This time I switched from a basket filter to a cone filter. And it worked! At least I thought it did, until I realized I poured the coffee in too fast and the filter just tore at the very bottom.  Full of black floaters.

I doctored the coffee and attempted to drink it anyway.

After I hung up with Mama, I puffed myself up, strapped on the boots again, and decided that I would not be defeated today! I finished making the pancakes and only had to throw out four more, and made a whole new pot of coffee. And this time I remembered to put the pot under the basket.

Add this to several trips to Boss's work, the bank, and various stores, church four nights this week, a visit to the reproductive endocrinologist, a birthday cake fiasco, and three females with severe congestion all in the same house...

So, here it is, two o'clock. I have to go to the grocery store, and the library. To all of those on the roads I take or the places I go today, I am not fit to be awake, much less out in public. If I happen to run into your vehicle, or drop something that breaks into a million pieces at the store, or somehow manage to upend a bookcase today, don't say I didn't warn you.

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