Saturday, September 26, 2009

I pulled a fast one...

on my daughters just now. I lied even.

Since I'm trying to eat healthier, and therefore lose weight, I tried a new way of making brownies. I know, brownies aren't healthy. BUT when you make them with black beans they probably are, right?

Ok, so I was smoothie-ing the black beans after I drained them and added the water, and Lady M walks in.

Lady M: "What's that?"

Me: "Oh, umm, I'm getting ready to make brownies."

Lady M: "Yeah, but what is THAT?" (nose snarled, and looking very suspicious)

Me: (Covering the blender so you can't see what's inside) "Oh, uh, these are beans... umm, special cocoa beans for the brownies. They'll be super chocolatey this way."


Lady M: " Oh, cool! Can I help?"

Me: "NO! I mean, no, you need to go get ready for your sleepover with Mamaw tonight."

God forgive me please.

I lied to my daughter so I could sneak in some healthy stuff.

But she ate the brownie.

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