Thursday, August 13, 2009

Forever, and a day...

It's time to get back into the swing of school time routine. Summer is winding to a close and it's madness at my house right now. Since my last post who knows how long ago, we've been on vacation, and apparently my brain stayed there. I'm so absent minded.... wait, where was I going with this??

Anyway, Lady M's birthday was this past weekend, I cannot BELIEVE she is eight years old!! We had a little party with my brothers and their families (minus Wesley- who was working), Mom and Dad. Amanda was at the lake with her beau, so she was absent. It was fun, despite how stressed I was. Last week I was out until at least 10 pm every night getting ready for either VBS or for Lady M's birthday. Then of course, this week is VBS, and THANK GOD, tonight is the last night. I have had 13 kids in my class every night, and there are a lot of ROWDIES, to say the least.

Night 1 (Monday): Tried to make one girl come out of her shell a bit with the icebreaker at the beginning of class. I was making statements like, " I have a little sister", or "I have a dog", or "I like to play football". The kids were to raise their hands when I said something that applied to them. I noticed one little girl didn't raise her hand, so I made sure I mentioned something she could raise her hand for. "I like rollerskating"- I've been to the skating rink with her family, so I know she likes to skate. She didn't raise her hand. I asked her why she wasn't raising her hand, and she started screaming at the top of her lungs, " I DON'T LIKE ROLLERSKATING! I HATE ROLLERSKATING!" Needless to say, that set the night off great. Before the night was over, the same little girl ran away from the class during snack (we were outside), around the fellowship hall, and straight for the road. She was handed off to the pastor to take care of at that point. Then about five minutes later, another boy in my class was stung on the top of the ear by a bee..... ice pack to the ear, calll to mom ,thing seemed to be okay the rest of the night....

Night 2 (Tuesday): Totally different set of problems. Apparently, we had too many girls away from their moms that day, since two of them broke down into tears wanting their mommies. The boys started getting a little rowdier. We had a couple of boys decide that a wrestling match was a good idea in the middle of class. NOT A GOOD IDEA! Small room, with a tent in it for "visual effects", not the place for 3 adults, 13 kids, a tent, and two cabinets. Another ice pack was needed for a girl's mouth, she was cutting her 6 year molars....

Night 3 (Wednesday): It rained ALL day, and you could tell!! EVERY kid was out of sorts, even the ones who'd been the absolute model children were cutting up and hyper. It was so crazy. Two girls decided they would roll up in the sleeping bag that was spread in the middle of the floor and take a nap, while three of the boys decided that, after they'd swapped shoes, they could kick the girls. Joy joy...

Night 4 (Thursday- tonight- FINAL NIGHT!!!): There will be NO sleeping bag, and NO tent, and NO camping cookware in my room, and hopefully the kids will be GREAT!!

Next week, I will start planning for my third grade lessons for Lady M. We aren't going to start classes until after Labor Day, which I think is what public schools should do anyway. So I'll have a few weeks to get ready before we move into new curriculum and a new grade. Exciting and scary at the same time!!

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  1. I've spent the last hour reading your whole blog. Since you posted a comment a few weeks ago, I've been meaning to read yours. The kids are in bed, and I'm making the poor choice to stay up too late, but I'm glad I did. So good to catch up on your life a little bit. Did Ivy's eating ever get any better? And where did you end up going on vacation? Mercy's picture just makes me smile, because it reminds me so much of my best friend in elementary school :-)


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