Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things I love about God

In an effort to make myself write more on here, I'm gonna sit down every Thursday and do a new "things" list.... so without further ado....

Things I love about God

He's always there when I need Him

He loves me unconditionally

He is in control, which is so much better than me being in control!!

He sent His Son to die for me so that I can talk to Him without having to go thru a priest or sacrifice an animal. I can just accept Jesus as Lord, repent of my sins, and He listens to my every request... how awesome is that!!

He's the Best Friend anyone could ever ask for...

Vengeance is His :)

He cares about me, even when I'm being so small and petty....

He's the best listener ever

He made this beautiful world for me to enjoy His Handiwork

He has created me to be used for His Glory, which is still more than I can comprehend.

He has set me free to live victoriously in Him, without fear of death, or the enemy (because no weapon formed against me shall prosper, PRAISE GOD!)

He has made me more than a conqueror with Jesus on my side...

.... and it probably wasn't the best idea to start out with a list like this, because it could go on for literally ETERNITY, so I'll stop typing and continuing praising Him in my heart...

but I did accomplish a blog today :)

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  1. What a great post! I love all of these things about God especially that He is in control, and I'm not. I find so much freedom in that!


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