Thursday, October 16, 2008

my billionth attempt

Appropriately titled, because I've started blogs on several other sites before, and for whatever reason, either I stopped writing or they were deleted. I've decided not to give up yet (maybe I should take the hint!! )

Today I was mostly lazy. Lady M and I completed her school work before lunchtime, which is always GREAT! Sometimes she gets too stubborn or is having a bad day and the school day will drag ooooonnn and oooooon, but today was nice. I decided we needed to finish shopping for the ingredients for Lady M's halloween costume (she's gonna be a pink poodle), so we headed down to Hobby Lobby for the finishing touches. Then I went by my mom's house (who happens to be my best friend--- I know, it's strange!) so I could use her sewing machine to make a big floppy bow to attach to Miss Priss's costume. She's going to be an elephant, but the costume is a little unassuming, so I'm adding a bow to the top to make a little "girlier". It's funny that I care because I was SUCH a tomboy as a kid myself, but I want my girl to look like a GIRL!! Unless of course, she wants to dress up like a boy for Halloween, then I'm sure I'd go all out to create the exact opposite effect.

Anyway, I ended up coming home from my Mom's with my very own sewing machine. SO MUCH FUN!! I've always wanted one, but have been so very BAD at my sewing attempts I never thought it would be worth the investment. So today, Mom pulled out a sewing maching that belonged to my grandmother (from whom Lady M got her middle name- Viola), and told me I should take it home because it's just collecting dust at her house (she has her own machine and sewing cabinet). I am so happy--- I can get some fabric and make those little homemade shift dresses and jumpers my mom made that I hated so much and make my kids wear them !! Funny how your thinking changes shift when you're the "maker" and not the "wearer".

But that's about all for the day... Miss Priss just put in her pacifier, grabbed her snuggle bear and climbed on my lap, so it's about time to put the girls down and tackle the mess I didn't clean today.... ugh! Hopefully I'll be able to write again soon!

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